Casino Marketing Strategies That Get Results

casino marketing

Running a casino can be expensive, but it can also be very profitable if you have the right casino marketing strategy. Since casinos are in the business of gambling, it’s important to establish an effective marketing strategy to help recoup the expenses incurred while running the business.

Most casino profits earned from gaming are due to the built-in house advantage of each casino game. However, it’s possible to enhance the amount of revenues earned by employing a marketing strategy to entice more gamblers to play, thus increasing your profits even more. The major principle behind casino marketing strategies are complementary rewards, also known as “comps.” Comps come in a variety of forms, such as free room and meals, but the most common is free drinks.

Casino marketing strategies often employ a mixture of comps and gambling bonuses that are rewarded upon signing up for a players card or using your players card at a specific game. In general, the higher the comp or bonus awarded, the more appealing the promotion will be to your players. Higher forms of comps, such as free dining, free rooms or transportation are usually reserved for players who have spent a large amount of money gambling. This type of casino marketing strategy is especially effective at keeping players satisfied and loyal to your establishment.

The basic theory or ideology behind this type of casino marketing strategy is giving your players the feeling that despite their losses, they’ve still gained something for playing at your casino. This is also a casino’s way of showing their appreciation for a player’s continued patronage.

In addition to running your casino marketing strategy, it’s important to monitor your campaign and the effect your strategies have on the spending habits of your players as well as your casino’s finances. If your marketing strategy is effective, you should see an increase in players. And we all know that the more gamblers you have at your games, the more profit the casino is likely to earn. Ready to get started with your casino marketing campaign? Contact Profit Builder HD today.

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Casino Marketing: Using Targeted Promotions to Drive Measurable Results

Casino marketing is one of the best ways to increase frequency of play and revenue at your casino. In fact, a good casino marketing strategy not only makes it possible to harness your player’s passion for the games they love, but also focus your promotions on those people most likely to participate and directly measure the results. By focusing your promotions around what your players are most passionate about, you actively engage them in promoting your casino.

Most casino’s award comps and rewards are based on a player’s theoretical loss, or “theo” for short. Now, imagine you have a “high theo player,” one who loses a large amount of money gaming at your casino. What would be the best way to reward this player or entice them to play? Some may argue that the best way to reward this player is with an extravagant gift, but is that really what will get them to spend more money? The best way to reward this player is with a targeted promotion that takes advantage of something you already know they are interested in, whether this is their favorite game, a restaurant at your casino or something else.

Now that you understand how targeted promotions work, you’re probably wondering exactly how you can gather this information. Today, many casinos use player databases to decide which rewards to give out or which promotions would be most effective. The database keeps track of how much players spend, how much they lose, the games they play most, the restaurants and clubs they visit and much more. This database is your lifeline into the minds of your players and will help you make informed choices when deciding the audience for your next promotion. If you’re not already collecting this data about your players, there’s no better time to start than now.

Once you’ve gathered data about your players, you can begin using that data in your promotions to drive measurable results. These results can be used to ensure that your promotions are efficient as possible while providing you with a better ROI. Understanding this data can help you spend less money to attract a new player and more importantly spend less to keep your existing players happy. Are you ready to begin your casino marketing campaign? Contact Profit Builder HD today to get started.

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Don’t Gamble With Your Profits: The Importance of Casino Marketing

Marketing is vital to the success of your casino. Just as every department in your casino has a specific role to play and each is important for different reasons, your casino marketing is too. For example, consider the amount of responsibilities held by a casino’s marketers. These often include promotions, advertising, players clubs, player evaluations and slot marketing just to name a few. While it would be an exaggeration to suggest that your casino’s players would stop showing up if you didn’t have marketing, you would certainly miss out on revenue opportunities.

For many casinos, promotions are one of the biggest opportunities to increase revenue. In fact, the promotions you offer can make or break people’s decision to visit your casino. Obviously, the primary purpose for promotional events is to increase profits from gaming. However, regular promotions can help increase player loyalty, which in turn lends itself to repeated revenue opportunities in the future.

Your marketing department or the casino marketing company you hire is also responsible for the evaluation of your past promotions in order to determine which offers were most effective. This also often includes which days of the week are the most effective to run promotions. For example, evaluation of a slot tournament may reveal that Fridays are more profitable than Wednesdays. Your casino marketing company will then use this data to ensure the success of all future promotional campaigns.

Running promotions wouldn’t be possible without informing guests about them. Whether you contact your players through mail, by phone or email, the only way to truly reach your guests is through advertising. Your casino marketing team will make sure that only the players and guests most likely to take part in your promotion are receiving the advertisement. This may seem like a lot of work to simply remind your guests about your promotions, but in today’s digital world, these reminders could make the difference between whether your players show up or not.

Casino marketing is one of the investments you can make to ensure the future of your casino. Not only will it help you increase profits but it will also help you leverage your promotions and advertising in a way that will continue to grow your casino and your player base. Ready to get started with your casino marketing campaign? Contact Profit Builder HD today.

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Optimizing Your Email Digital Marketing for the Holidays

During the holiday season, email marketing is bound to become one of your brand’s main communication methods. Many digital marketers begin to focus on campaigns that aim to make the most of the Christmas rush. If you’re in the casino or hospitality industry, or any type of business, you will need to plan in advance in order to ensure your digital marketing campaign is a success in this busy and often overwhelming time for both consumers and brands alike. While planning a successful Christmas email campaign includes many steps, there is one important aspect that should be kept in mind: your holiday sending schedule.

According to research on holiday email marketing trends, the highest open rate happens on Tuesdays. This is an interesting fact but not one that can really be considered universal. Different companies and email databases will experience different results. The only sure-fire way to best determine the best time to reach out to your subscribers is to do your own tests. Try sending the same email with the same subject line to different segments of your email list on different days of the week. You can then track the open and click through rates to see what work well and when.

The holiday season is often a time when businesses close and many families choose to take the time to relax and spend time with their loved ones. For digital marketers, the question then surfaces of whether they should consider slowing down their email communications to match the holiday pace. In the case of casinos and those in the hospitality industry, not only should you continue your usual email communications, but you should consider pumping up your schedule. It’s important to remember that while consumers are relaxing, this actually coincides with increased spending, especially in the last few weeks leading up to Christmas.

In 2015, your customers are likely in the digital age and are more likely than ever to take their email with them. In fact, a large portion of your subscribers probably receive their email on their tablet or mobile device, even when they’re far away from their home or office. This means that a well timed email marketing message could reach your customers just as they ready to spend money during the holiday season.

In short, when it comes to email marketing, or any digital marketing for that matter, it’s always important to plan ahead, no matter if it’s to take advantage of the Christmas shopping or any other part of the year. If the holiday season is a particularly stressful time for your business, it makes even more sense to plan and schedule your email marketing ahead of time.

If you’re ready to get started with your email digital marketing campaign, contact Profit Builder HD today. Not only are we a leader in digital marketing, but we understand the best ways to reach your customers during the holiday season and can help your business achieve its goals.

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Why It’s So Important to Have a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Most of those working in the casino and hospitality industries have little understanding of why it’s so important to have a digital marketing strategy. As recently as the 1990s, it wasn’t necessary for all businesses to have a presence online, but today, a digital marketing strategy has the power to make or break your business.

Think about it. How many businesses in your area depend on the foot traffic that walks past their front door? For example, here in Las Vegas, Nevada, where there are lots of casinos and hotels, many of the smaller establishments are struggling to maintain strong profits because they’re missing out on marketing channels the competition is taking advantage of. Online business directories, such as Yelp, have done a pretty good job of giving the small guy a shot at getting a bigger piece of the pie, but it’s always best to have a good understanding of how to leverage digital marketing to get your business in front of the masses.

In general, a good digital marketing strategy always include three basic components. These are a solid social media presence, a promotions and email marketing strategy and a website or blog. Social media is perhaps the easiest part of creating a solid digital marketing strategy and is often the best place to start for new digital marketers.

Many businesses choose to start with a Facebook business page because it’s simple to set up and gives you instant access to a network of 1.5 billion users. In fact, whether you run a casino, hotel or any other type of business you can be just about 100% sure that the people you’re targeting are active on Facebook. This means that you can use Facebook’s advertising platform to pinpoint users in your geographic location who like your products and services or maybe even one of your competitors.

In addition to social media, promotions, email marketing and your website or blog also play an important role in your digital marketing. Promotions are important for every business and here in the U.S. many businesses rely on their final end-of-the-year push to edge their profits “into the black.” In fact, since the downturn in the economy, businesses need to push hard and harder to reach customers so they can hit their revenue goals. Through email marketing or by leveraging the followers you’ve amassed on Facebook, you can announce an irresistible promotion to help boost your sales.

Finally, having a website or blog is perhaps the most important part of your digital marketing strategy. Your website is your business’ home on the web and ensuring your website is easily found by both potential and current customers should be one of your top priorities. The search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing love great content. If you use your keywords correctly they will automatically pick up your content and make it found in the search results. As your audience grows and traffic to your website increases, you’ll begin to see it move towards the top of the results.

Are you seeing how all of this ties together? By having a great digital marketing strategy for your business including social media profiles, promotions, email marketing and a website you’ll be on your way to creating a digital marketing empire for your business. If you’re ready to take your digital marketing to the next level, contact Profit Builder HD today.

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