3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Casino Advertising

In the casino and hospitality industry, one of the areas that marketers struggle with most is determining how effective their advertising is and whether or not they’re overspending. In fact, this is a common problem that marketers in every industry face. John Wanamaker, founder of Wanamaker’s department store chain, summed this up nicely in his famous quote:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker

Casino advertising, just like all marketing efforts, is extremely reliant on data. After all, if you don’t know what you’re measuring, how can you determine if your marketing really works? This is especially true in today’s digital world where more and more marketing channels pop up every day. The good news for marketers is that it’s also easier than ever to determine how effective your advertising truly is. Here are a few tips you can take advantage of to ensure your casino advertising produces the results you expect:

Use your data

No matter if you’re a massive Las Vegas casino or a small hotel, making effective use of your customer database and the data found in your reports and analytics is one of the most important things you can do. Your data gives you a window into the minds of your players and their behavior such as what games they like to play, how long they play them and at what pace. This data can then be used to advertise to your guests in a unique and personalized way that can help ensure they stay at your casino a bit longer or even visit more in the future.

In addition, with each piece of data you collect, your marketing gets increasingly smarter until you know exactly what you need to do to get someone through the door and how much you can spend on the player while still remaining profitable.

Understand your audience

In addition to understanding your guests and players through data, some things can be accomplished by simply knowing who your target audience is. For example, what is your target audience’s preferred method of communication? What types of games or promotions would they like to see more of? Surveying your audience is an easy, do-it-yourself method to quickly gain some insights that you can use to make your advertising more effective.

Set goals

This tip should be a no-brainer, but it’s often overlooked. Set goals that have measurable results, such as new players, card signups, number of visits to your establishment, revenue etc. By setting measurable goals, you will better understand which advertising methods worked, which ones didn’t, and more importantly, why you received the results you did. Once you have this data, you can tweak and adjust your strategy until you meet the goal.

In today’s digital age, where the gaming markets are becoming more and more challenging, it’s more important than ever to use every resource available in order to make the most informed advertising decisions you can.

If you’re ready to take your casino advertising and marketing to the next level, contact Profit Builder HD today.

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Casino Marketing with Email HD

casino email marketing

Are you looking for new ways to generate a return on investment for your casino marketing efforts? If so, you should consider adding email marketing to your arsenal. Email marketing may be one of the oldest methods used by digital marketers, but in most cases, it outperforms other marketing efforts such as social media and advertising.

In today’s casino marketing landscape, much of the hype revolves around utilizing social media to reach both current and potential guests. However, email marketing still provides one of the best ways to build a personal and consistent connection with your players. In comparison to direct mail marketing, which is often expensive and ineffective in this digital age, email marketing can help those in the casino and hospitality industry increase revenue without putting that money right back into their marketing efforts.

So, what does this mean for marketers? Considering that all mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, are optimized for email, it’s now effortless to tap into this ever-present, ever-important form of communication. Due to this, you can be sure that email marketing isn’t going to become passé anytime soon.

Email marketing may be great at helping you reach your guests, but it’s also important to understand that not all of them want or expect the same email content. That’s why Profit Builder HD has developed our proprietary email system, Email HD. This email marketing system will help ensure that the content you deliver is both relevant and interesting to its target audience. This includes not only segmentation by interests and demographics, such as age and location, but also many others.

In addition, we will link your customer database with real-time behavioral triggers that will drive open rates and entice readers to visit your property.

In the past, casino marketers were forced to use static and non-segmented email solutions that were often expensive and ineffective. Now, with the Email HD system, email can truly become the cornerstone of your casino marketing efforts. Contact Profit Builder HD today and get started.

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5 Casino Social Media Marketing Tips You Don’t Have to Gamble With

Are you tired of gambling with your casino marketing? If so, you should consider adding social media to your casino marketing mix. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide casino marketers an excellent engine for driving customer engagement, boosting referral rates and reaching your players in a timely manner. The various social media platforms available today will allow you to reach out to your current players, entice new ones to visit and even spread messages virally through the power of social sharing.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five ways that you can use social media marketing to draw a winning hand for your casino.

Social Networking

Let’s start off this list by discussing using social networks for what they were intended for: social networking. Social media networking for casinos is pretty simple—in theory. The first step is to take your existing events, promotions, tournaments or whatever else you have going on at your casino and push it out into the virtual world where your players and fans do the rest. Take, for example, monthly gaming tournaments, drawings or prizes. Outside the realm of email marketing and direct mail marketing, how often have your players complained that they didn’t receive a notification about the latest bonus point promotion or an announcement to join your poker tournament? By utilizing the popular social networks, you can quickly and easily get unlimited updates and notifications reminding your guest and players to stop by for a visit.

Mobile Marketing

Social media platforms also play an important role in mobile marketing. In a generation that is continually becoming more and more mobile, it’s now more necessary than ever to begin reaching out to your players via their cell phones. Normally when we think of mobile marketing, text messaging comes to mind. However, in 2015, searching and social media use on mobile phones surpassed desktop computers. If you’re not taking advantage of social media, you’re missing out on a huge amount of users who digest their information via their phones.


Whether you’re running a poker tournament, hosting a giveaway or promoting your latest slot machine, you can promote it on social media. Promotions have always been a powerful way to grow and engage your players, but now, you can reach an even larger audience online.


Blogging is not something you’d normally think of in relation to casino marketing, but if you’ve taken a look at your Facebook feed recently, you’ve probably seen hundreds of blog and news article being shared by your friends and family. Social media users love sharing articles they’ve read online. Although gaming topics may not make for an engaging article, your casino likely offers great restaurants, clubs or other amenities that can be crafted into blog-worthy content.

Don’t just rely on Lady Luck to get players through your doors. Contact Profit Builder HD today if you would like to learn more about how social media marketing can help your casino. Play these social media marketing cards right and you can score big!

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3 Casino Marketing Tips To Boost Your Player Engagement

Arrows pointing upwards representing growth.

If you’ve spent any time working in the casino or hospitality industries, you’ve most likely come to the realization that casino marketing can be a difficult, tricky business. Casino marketers must bring players, keep them engaged and ensure that the guest’s experience is as positive as possible. However, the really tricky part is that they have to do all this without breaking the bank, no matter if they’re spending that money to hire new staff, targeted promotional campaigns or player development programs.

The good news for those in the casino and hospitality industry is that advances in technology and the methods used to reach your players can provide the answer for effective and efficient casino marketing. One excellent example of this is SMS marketing. By implementing an SMS marketing campaign into your marketing plan, you open the door to powerful, instant communication with all of your players and guests.

Here are a few tips you can use to help boost your player engagement:

Loyalty Program

A player loyalty is an excellent way to start increasing engagement. By implementing such a program, you reward the players and guests who come back to your casino. If you plan out the rewards effectively, you can also keep your regular and most valued players coming in for the chance to win high level prizes. But a loyalty program doesn’t have to stop there. You can also increase the engagement of guests who only visit for drinks, a movie or the occasional event by offering free food and drinks or other prizes instead of just gaming related prizes.


Who doesn’t love the chance to win prizes and a little friendly competition? By holding contests in your casino, you have the chance to engage some very valuable players. For example, holding a poker tournament could grab the attention of some serious VIPs. These types of players love a good competition. While many games are casual or depend on luck, card games like poker are often regarded as a sport and any casino can take advantage of this hype by holding their own event.

Understand Your Players

Understanding the wants and needs of your players is something with which many casinos struggle. Once you have a thorough understanding of your players, you can begin orienting your marketing methods, events and even your games towards them. This will allow for not only more effective casino marketing, but also allow you to begin using new marketing technologies and methods before your competitors, possibly giving you an edge in your market. The best way to do this is to keep a player database with details about who your players are, how they spend money at your casino and any other information that will help you understand what they want and need.

By following the tips outlined above, you can start boosting your player engagement right away. Looking for more information about casino marketing or want to start your casino marketing campaign? Contact Profit Builder HD today.

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Understanding the Role of Social Media in Casino Marketing Campaigns

social media marketing

In 2016 there are numerous ways you can use social media to improve your casino marketing or casino player development campaign. In fact, it’s a wise idea for every casino to consider the wonderful opportunities that are within reach due to social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn just to name a few.

The reality is that casinos now, for the very first time in history, have the opportunity to utilize the power of the internet to reach more players and communicate with them in an effective way. New opportunities such as blogging, social networking, video marketing and SMS marketing have provided casinos with limitless opportunities to prospect new guests and improve brand loyalty of their current players. When applied to casino marketing, proper use of social media can make your campaign more effective than ever.

When beginning to apply social media to a marketing campaign, most casinos tend to focus their marketing efforts on either communicating more effectively with their current players or seeking to recruit new players to the establishment. If you were focusing on recruiting new players, for example, you could offer an incentive for VIP guests to introduce other potential guests to your casino through Facebook or another social platform.

Any casino or hospitality business who wants to have a much more extensive, far reaching impact on their target market should focus a considerable amount of their casino marketing and player development efforts into the social media realm. By establishing a presence on the many different social media platforms that are now available your promotions can be disseminated quickly and efficiently to thousands of people simultaneously.

All in all, social media is a win-win scenario for both the casino and the casino guest. Social media networks have made it easier than ever to reach your guests quickly and on a regular basis. This excellent opportunity should be capitalized on by any casino who is looking to continue to grow the relationships they have with their guests. If you’re ready to get started on your social media marketing campaign, contact Profit Builder HD today.

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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Casino Marketing Plan


Did you know that many casinos struggle to create, and then follow, a casino marketing plan? A well-planned and executed marketing plan is a fundamental part of your campaign and will provide a set of clear goals you wish to accomplish in addition to how you will reach them. Without a casino marketing plan, your marketing efforts will lack a solid strategic direction, and this isn’t a good bet to take in the face of mounting competition.

So, how exactly does one begin to create an effective casino marketing plan? The first step involves conducting research and collecting data pertinent to your campaign. This often includes analyzing your players, gaining insight into your competition and understanding what marketing techniques have worked for you in the past and a look into the current state of your market. And then take a deep breath because that’s just the beginning.

However, due to the complicated nature of casino marketing plans, mistakes are made that often lead to loss in ROI, decreases in revenue, lack of player engagement and more. The good news is that these mistakes can be easily avoided. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind:

Don’t fear change

Have you grown so comfortable with your advertising or promotions that they’ve begun to grow stale or have become outdated? This is often the case for casinos. Some casino marketers fear change and figure that if the promotions and advertisements are working, why change them now? The truth is, the casino marketing landscape continues to evolve and your competition is not standing still. It’s important to always try new marketing channels and different strategies to drive player engagement and motivate your loyal players to visit more often.

Focus on the journey, not the destination

There’s no doubt that the creative side of casino marketing such as developing promotions, advertising campaigns, and catchy taglines to attract players is a lot of fun. But, is your casino marketing plan built on a solid strategy? A successful casino marketing plan relies heavily on identifying and embracing a clear strategy, including an objective or goal on which the strategy can be developed. So, start with strategy first then move on to the fun stuff.

Remember the value of research

While it’s not difficult to believe you have the right insight to begin working on a casino marketing plan, it’s important to remember that insight into your players is much more valuable. An effective casino marketing plan should always be created with the players needs and expectations in mind.

If you can let these 3 tips guide you when creating your casino marketing plan, you’ll be well on your way to a successful marketing campaign. Need the help of the pros? Profit Builder HD is a leading provider of casino & hospitality marketing services. Contact us today to get started.

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Why Casino Direct Mail Marketing is Here to Stay

casino direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing is a critically important aspect of your overall marketing campaign, especially for the gaming industry. In fact, if your direct mail strategy is handled properly from the start of the database management phase to the creative phase, it can give a real boost to your revenue and overall player engagement. However, as social media and digital marketing techniques begin to take the forefront, many are wondering if this signals the end of direct mail as a viable marketing technique.

It’s well-known among those in the casino and hospitality business that the “sweet spot,” or the 55 and up demographic, often prefers direct mail over other means of receiving casino information, promotions and players clubs offers. Although email and mobile marketing strategies are quickly becoming more popular with the younger crowd, direct mail is still the optimal way to reach this key demographic.

But, there’s more good news for direct mail marketers. A recent study found that the highest response rates to direct mail campaigns came from the 18-24 demographic. This is surprising considering how this demographic is so used to using digital means to communicate and receive information. This is certainly something to keep in mind when strategizing new methods to attract younger players.

Direct mail will continue to be an important part of your marketing campaign for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use some updating. In the world of digital technology, marketers are now able to create highly personalized, targeted direct mail campaigns that utilize relevant imagery, promotions and offers. Apply this digital marketing methodology to direct mail and it will allow you to drive a better response from your players in addition to building brand loyalty.

Want to learn more about how direct mail marketing can help increase your casino’s revenue and player engagement? Contact Profit Builder HD today and get started!

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What is a Casino Marketing Plan?

casino marketing plan

Does your casino have a marketing plan? Just like every business needs a business plan to operate smoothly, a casino marketing plan will help ensure your marketing efforts are running as efficiently as possible while maintaining a good return on investment. This is true whether you run a small, local casino or a major integrated resort casino with a massive marketing budget. In fact, both international and US based casinos owe a significant portion of their revenue due to their marketing efforts. So, what exactly is a casino marketing plan?

A casino marketing plan is used to identify trends in your market, detail your competition’s marketing practices and evaluate your previous marketing efforts. Based on the results of this analysis, your marketing plan will also clearly define your property’s goals, objectives and the strategies used to achieve them in addition to specific plans of action to carry out those strategies. A well-thought-out plan will normally conclude with the budget requirements necessary to carry out all of the marketing strategies.

In many cases, a casino’s marketing plan is developed without a thorough evaluation of the the market and without clearly outlining the casino’s goals, objectives and strategies. Unfortunately for these casinos, their marketing efforts often fail or produce sub-par results due to the lack of appreciation and understanding of these basic marketing principles.

For those struggling with this portion of their marketing, it’s important to have a basic understanding of these principles:

Market & Situational Analysis

Before you can begin to formulate the goals, objectives and strategies that comprise your casino marketing plan, you must first understand your market and attempt to predict its future direction. Only with the information gleaned from this analysis can you begin to formulate realistic goals and objectives in addition to developing the appropriate strategies to meet them.

If you ran a casino in Las Vegas, for example, it would be important to note that over 40 million people visited Las Vegas in 2015 and that the market benefits from a variety of revenue sources, including gambling, dining, entertainment, conventions and shopping. In addition, you would also want to do thorough research on your potential guests and players.

However, what you find when analysing your market will vary widely from Las Vegas, one of the largest tourism industries in the world. Only once you have an understanding of the economic, demographic and gaming trends in your market can you begin to strategize.

Objectives & Strategies

It’s not uncommon for a casino’s management or marketing team to lose sight of the overall marketing plan. The goal of your gaming enterprise should be much more than just making money. While profitability is an important part of any business’ success, the gaming industry benefits from having a focus on growth.

The first step in this process is to devise a realistic set of goals and objectives you wish to meet at the completion of your marketing plan. These normally include goals that are quantifiable and measurable such as player’s club or slot club sign-ups, cash flow or even the amount of wins on big games.

However, it could include less-measurable things such as the image of the casino in the local community, positioning the property as an entertainment leader or even becoming the gaming leader in your market.

Once the goals and objectives have been clearly defined, you can begin working on the strategies you will harness to reach them. The formulation of an effective marketing strategy is the foundation for any successful business and it’s no different for gaming enterprises. The strategies used often include a combination of database marketing, direct mail marketing, digital marketing and even mobile and email marketing. However, the strategy that’s right for your casino will largely depend on the goals and objectives you wish to meet.

Ready to start your casino marketing plan for 2016 or want to learn more about how a marketing plan can help you? Contact Profit Builder HD today.

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