Why Casinos Should Focus More on Their Digital Marketing


This may shock you.

It’s 2016 and most casinos still haven’t developed and implemented an effective digital marketing campaign!

At Profit Builders HD, we know casinos can reap the benefits of an effective data-drive digital marketing strategy. If you happen to be a casino not putting enough focus on your digital marketing strategy, let us convince you otherwise.

Take a moment to understand the importance of utilizing an effective digital marketing campaign.

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The Importance of Excellent Design in Direct Marketing


Looking for a way to engage your target audience? In traditional marketing and digital marketing, casinos and companies overlook how they present something, forgetting that presentation is as important as whatever they present.

Consider What Your Direct Media Says

What do we mean? Take, for example, Millennials: up-and-coming, exciting, trail-blazers, tech-savvy. The content in your marketing captures all these elements. However, the voice, typeface, and images in your emails, insert media and direct mail suits an older audience.

Creating effective media in your direct marketing takes insight and creativity. Hospitality industry analytics support the insight, but the creativity can challenge marketers. They have to ask themselves: “What exactly do they want, and how do I get it to them in the best way possible?”

How Do I Know What My Customers Like?

Data. It’s easy to create when you have a strong factual foundation to jump off from. This foundation allows you to create data-driven solutions and designs that will engage people.

The added bonus of curating data, you can anticipate your customers wants the next time they step into your casino or resort.  

When you know what they like and align it with your brand, you have a sound strategy when creating your direct marketing. At Profit Builder, we understand that and that’s why we work finding data-driven solutions and analytics for companies.

Influence of Excellent Design

Even if you have all the data, there is still an artistry when designing something for your customer. This involves an understanding of graphic design and document design.

But the first step in improving your direct marketing is consistency. Consistency is key when putting together the multiple voices in your direct marketing. This attention to detail will transfer over to your target audience. It shows a level of personalization, which inclines them more to be loyal to your casino brand, and it shows a level of care, which people are more inclined to respond to and share with others.

Reach More People with Profit Builder HD

Visit Profit Builder HD for more information on how to make the most out of your casino marketing data.


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Why You Should Include SMS Messaging in Your Direct Marketing Strategy


The cellphone evolves exponentially in just a short amount of time. Long gone are the days of the large, heavy brick phones in the 80s and even the slim, compact design of Motorola Razr in the 2000s. Today, everyone is logged on to their smartphone, and even calling them a phone is an inaccurate description.

Due to the prevalence of the smartphone in everyday life, including it in your direct marketing strategy is almost a requirement.

The Smartphone’s Power

The phone has become such an important aspect in our lives, most people cannot go throughout the day without having them on their person.

And for good reason. Phones like the iPhone or Android can complete most tasks a home computer can perform. Smartphones can surf the internet at fast speeds and share vasts amount of information via social media applications. Development of applications increase the functions of these devices and gives them access to many different products and services.

In just a few strategic taps on the screen, you can manage your life on your phone as well as monitor important information such as banking, bills and marketing budgets.

Because of their ubiquity, they can be utilized for effective direct marketing strategies. Phones are great sources to receive and send information across many different platforms.

We at Profit Builder HD recognize the marketing potential that can be gained through SMS messaging and have developed techniques to properly utilize this tool.  

Benefits of SMS Marketing in Direct Marketing


Unlike traditional forms of marketing, when your promotion is sent through a text message, it is quick and short. No need to waste time telling a story or adding a fancy graphic. Just send a quick message explaining what it is and a link. The link is key because you can lead the customer exactly where you want them to go.


Why You Should Include SMS Messaging in Your Direct Marketing Strategy - Profit Builder HD

Times have changed.

ion to Loyal Customers

Casinos using SMS messaging is an excellent way for casinos to connect with their loyal customers. Not only is it on a one-on-one basis, the casino can personalize and segment the content to specific individuals. Casinos can use mobile marketing to collect data and have the date sent casino data management system, which will allow for effective digital marketing towards your target audiences.

Saves Money

SMS Marketing will save money on your marketing budget. You won’t waste time or company resources targeting customers who are uninterested. When you market to this those who have an interest, they are more likely to engage with your company.

Saves Time

SMS marketing is by far the quickest form of marketing. Where time is devoted to creating images for billboards and content for internet and television marketing, an SMS can as simple as sending out a tweet. Write up a catchy call-to-action and add link and send it out to literal hundreds of interested customers.  

Amplifying Your Direct Marketing and SMS Marketing

If you’re looking for data-driven solutions and analytics for your company, contact Profit Build HD and get connected.


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Does Your Business Really Need a Direct Marketing Strategy?


Most of those working in the casino and hospitality industries may have little understanding of why it is so important to have a direct marketing strategy in place. Your casino or resort success directly depends on the number of people you bring into your establishment.

When it comes to attracting visitors, there are two forms of methods you can take. You can sit back and allow visitors to find your establishment and hope they stop by to spend their time, or you can be proactive and market your brand and casino to compete with the many other casinos in the area. It is clear that the latter is the better option, and by developing a direct marketing strategy, you will optimize your casino operations.

Connecting with Your Customers

When you market your casino and the promotions you offer, the goal is to be seen by the greatest number of ideal customers. You first have to do your research to learn your demographics and who frequently visits your casino. If you are not narrowing down your scope, you are simply wasting resources and your marketing budget on those who do not fall in your ideal demographic or are not interested in gaming.

Once you have learned your target audience, adapt your content and messages to fit their individual needs. Your promotions can be tailored, and your interactions with your clientele can be personalized to garner the most engagement.

Explore All Platforms When It Comes to Direct Marketing

Today, many people gain their information through social media and their phones, making your digital marketing efforts a viable aspect of your overall direct marketing strategy. It is important to maintain all your social profiles and continually interact with your customers through different platforms such as email and SMS messages. Your websites need to be up to date and have a consistent upload of relevant content through blog articles and timely content.

By having a direct marketing strategy that incorporates many different aspects such as digital marketing and email marketing, you will reach the greatest number of potential clients and gain a high return on investment. Partner up with Profit Builder HD and develop a strong direct marketing strategy for your casino.

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Making Your Casino Analytics Work for You

Making Your Casino Analytics Work for You - Profit Builder HD

Casino analytics may seem like a complex system, but in reality, it is simply gathering data collected into one area and calculated to a set of numbers. All casinos and resorts are able to gather the data, but what will make your casino stand out above the rest is how you interpret the analytics and making it work in your favor. Casino analytics are designed to improve the financial performance of your management operations. In order to do this, you have to understand what the data means.

Bad Data Can Hurt Direct Marketing

When it comes to getting visitors to your casino, marketing leads the pack. You attract a majority of your guests through direct, digital marketing and many promotions to entice your customers to choose or stay with your establishment over the many other options. In order to market to the correct people and reach your target audience, you first have to discover their needs and how they communicate. If you only look at some areas of your casino analytics, it will be impossible to gain a full understanding of your target customers, leaving out a huge audience when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Bring Your Casino Analytics to the Forefront

Knowing the data of how your casino operates when it comes to staffing, promotions and other key elements will help structure and invest your resources. First, you have to analyze your current operations and know what yields the most revenue and what needs improvement. If you do not invest in a proper casino analytics program, you could be left spending lots of time, money and resources to unprofitable areas.

Profit Builder HD leads the pack when it comes to working within the hospitality and gaming industry. Through data-driven solutions, we effectively save your casino time, money and frustrations when it comes to your direct marketing strategies.

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Why You Should be Focusing on Interactive Marketing for Your Casino

Why You Should be Focusing on Interactive Marketing for Your Casino - Profit Builder HD

Casinos operate through complex systems of meticulously calculated events. However, overall success boils down to one simple fact: the more people who frequent your casino and spend money, the more success you will see. No matter if you run a casino, hotel or another type of business, the right marketing can help find customers discover your business. Traditional marketing efforts are an excellent way to get your business seen by a large number of people, but do not guarantee that they will be motivated to visit your casino. However, as we live in a more digital world, you have the ability to engage with your customers through interactive marketing.

How Interactive Marketing has Evolved

In the past, many people would receive information through print media and television, making ads through these medias the most effective. Today, however, most people have immediate access to information through their smartphones. They are connected through social media all day long. This type of connection has brought out a new form of marketing called digital marketing. With the many different platforms from which people can receive information, you need a marketing strategy that can react and adapt to every situation.

Build a Better Engagement With Customers

Through Profit Builder HD’s data-driven solutions, you can have a better understanding of your customer base and the preferred method of communication. This will allow you to adapt your casino marketing approach and personalize your tactics to meet their individual needs and wants. An effective interactive marketing strategy will find out what customers look for and where they place value within your business. You can then utilize that information to tailor a direct marketing campaign to them.
A proper interactive marketing strategy can be an excellent marketing tool for your company. Be more effective with your casino marketing with the help from Profit Builder HD.

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Get Results From Your Casino Marketing Strategies

Get Results From Your Casino Marketing Strategies - Profit Builder HD

Casinos deal with a fine balance of figuring out expenses and coming up with ways to bring in more revenue. We all know the phrase, “you have to spend money to make money.” This statement is very true, but it can be a bit confusing. You do have to spend money to make money, but you have to ensure that you are making more money than you are spending. For casinos and resorts, the best way to put revenue and resources to use is through marketing strategies. Your marketing efforts will help drive traffic into your business and in turn, will provide for revenue for your casino or resort.

Stand out Through Marketing Promotions

In a casino, the games all have a house advantage that allows the casino to earn money over a longer period. So, it makes sense that the more people who are playing these games, the more money the casino stands to make. The secret is getting players to visit your casino over the many other choices. The driving force behind casino marketing strategies are the promotions they can offer loyal guests. Complementary rewards and perks help you stand out from the competition to make it more inviting to game at your establishment over others.

Reaching Your Target Audience

You can have all the best promotions in the area, but if nobody is made aware of them, you won’t see much of an increase in visits. This is where direct marketing comes into play. Through our data-driven solutions, you’ll be able to understand your target customers. You will then be able to tailor your messages to fit their needs and present it to them in their preferred form of communication. You can then develop a smarter, more targeted casino marketing strategy over one that is generalized and is not targeted to one specific group.

Get Our Help for Your Casino Marketing!

With Profit Builder HD, we have the tools that will help you develop an effective marketing campaign. We work with the gaming and hospitality industry to save them time, money and frustration. Put your resources to good use with the help from Profit Builder HD.

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