Global Gaming Expo (G2E) – September – October 2015

Trevor Taylor

Profit Builder HD
Managing Partner

PresentationDirect Marketing Advancement: Cross Channel, Behavior-Driven Relationship Interactions

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The casino industry has required direct marketing for as long as the industry has been around. Trevor Taylor, the managing partner of Profit Builder HD, understands the traps of treating the group as opposed to the individual. Through his seminar on direct marketing advancements, Trevor Taylor will emphasize that by treating customers individually, you will establish the trust and loyalty of your brand.

  • Learn key strategies and tactics.
  • Understand why some guests respond and why some do not.
  • Discover how to craft a customer’s journey.

Learn more about the Global Gaming Expo and Trevor Taylor’s seminar on data driven marketing initiatives.


Past Conference Information

  • Casino Marketing & Technology Conference – July 2015

    Trevor Taylor

    Profit Builder HD
    Managing Partner

    Presenter – Panel Discussion
    Best Practices in Electronic Marketing

    Presentation – View Best Practices of Digital Marketing Notes

    Marketing communications via the Internet, smartphones and mobile apps will continue to grow substantially in the coming years. While many casino marketers are already engaged in electronic and mobile marketing, there’s no time like the present to learn some key best practices. Among the topics to be covered in this session are:

    • Examples of effective e-campaigns and communications
    • How to build your e-contact list
    • Proper frequency/timing of communication
    • What does e-marketing do best? (Amenity/entertainment/hotel discount updates, points update,
      new games/tournaments…)
    • Infrastructure requirements