Why Quality Assurances Matter In Data Driven Marketing

Casinos are a tricky business. In order to maximize their profits and succeed, they need to bring in more people, keep them there longer and engage them to spend more money. This may seem like a simple goal. However, in practice, where literal thousands or millions can enter your casino, strict management on the flow of your finances inside and outside the business is vital.

You may have spent thousands on a casino data management system, but are you sure you’re doing everything to understand and utilize the data presented? Do you even know where to start? And is this data even good data?

Putting Analytics into Action

At Profit Builders HD, “Analytics in Action” is our foundation in helping you improve the financial performance of your casino management operations. The reason? When you have reviewed facts and statistics steering your casino’s marketing and finances, you can anticipate changes in the market and save your company from losing money or customer loyalty.

How do you know your casino data management system is not optimized?   

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your organization currently have quality assurance standards in place at all its customer touch points?
  • Does it excel in hospitality operations management?
  • Does your organization currently have quality control standards in place on the back end of you casino data management systems?
  • Are data skills even mentioned in job descriptions for all your revenue centers?
  • Do you review data quality metrics for your organization?

If you were to scour your guest service standards today, one thing you probably won’t find is anything regarding quality assurance and quality control standards. Not having these simple checks can lead to a financial crisis.

How So?

Bad data in your systems hurts internal casino marketing strategies, external digital marketing strategies and player development efforts. It can lead to misguided attempts of direct marketing, which can waste time and money. Another issue with bad data is that can prohibit you from achieving budgeted EBITDA.

Importance of Quality Control

One way you can improve Data quality is installing data key acquisition points in your organization. You may be skeptical as gaming executives and operators do not agree with this marketing strategy, yet bad data still occurs every day in every gaming resort.

Data quality cannot be a secondary or tertiary concern to operational concerns unless you want your organization to pay the price later. All too often the response we get from hospitality marketing executives, directors and managers that there isn’t adequate staffing to perform this essential task.

We find this is not a problem that simply needs more money thrown at it. This is a culture. Change the culture and the data improves.

As your CRM system is your organization’s porthole to the outside world, organizations must incorporate quality initiatives that can be easily implemented and measured. A guest service representative may better understand the importance of data if they were to attend and, therefore, better understand the “wow” factor your organization delivers at a VIP event.

Your strategic and tactical marketing initiatives require massive planning, execution and expenses to deliver on the marketed promise. Processes should not get in the way. People do business with people they like, and your data standards should be a part of your service standards.

Improve Your Casino Data Management Now

As a Las Vegas hospitality marketing leader, you get the benefit of data quality. This means better operational performance, improved reporting, accurate forecasting and analytics you can rely on. On top of it, your guests feel as you know them and can their loyalty.

If you need data-driven solutions and analytics for your company, contact the hospitality industry analytics support experts.


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