Target Your Promotions Through Data-Driven Solutions to Get Measurable Results


Casino marketing is one of the best ways to increase the frequency of play and revenue at your casino. In fact, a good casino marketing strategy not only makes it possible to harness your player’s passion for the games they love, but also to focus your promotions on those people most likely to participate and directly measure the results. By focusing your promotions around what your players are most passionate about, you actively engage them in promoting your casino.

What is Targeted Promotion and How Does it Benefit Casinos

Most casinos base their award comps and rewards on a player’s theoretical loss. What would be the best way to reward these players or entice them to play? Some may argue that the best way to reward these players would be with extravagant gifts, but is that really what will get them to spend more money? The best way to reach these players is through target promotions that take advantage of the things you already know your audience is interested in. Whether that’s giving them a free dinner at their favorite restaurant or even vouchers to play their favorite casino game, this will get them to stay at your casino and spend more money.

Getting the Information to Properly Execute Targeted Promotions

Today, many casinos use player databases to decide which rewards to give out or which promotions would be most effective. The database keeps track of how much players spend, how much they lose, the games they play most, the restaurants and clubs they visit and much more. This database is your key into the minds of your players. It can help you make informed choices when deciding the audience for your next promotions.

The more you’re able to engage with your players through digital marketing and direct marketing, you’ll have a better feel for what they are looking to gain when visiting your establishment. It will do you no good to promote free entries into your clubs if the majority of your target customers visit your restaurants more. Through a solid marketing strategy, you can formulate your promotions and marketing campaigns around their ideal wants.

Through data-driven solutions, you can use all data collected in your promotions to drive measurable results. Based on these results, you can ensure your promotions and casino marketing strategies are as efficient as possible, providing you with a better return on investment (ROI).

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