Direct Mail Marketing

Why Email Marketing Professionalism is Vital


Email marketing can be an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. It is a quick and easy way to connect to potential guests and maintain a connection to guests more aligned with your casino brand. However, email marketing can be seen as dubious due to the historical tarnish of spam. This is why when casinos perform their email marketing it runs a fine line.

Save your brand and consumer loyalty by making sure everything your casino or resort produces is the pinnacle of professionalism.

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Kicking it Old School With Direct Mail Marketing

Kicking it Old School With Direct Mail Marketing - Profit Builder HD

With technology readily available and the constant advancements in marketing strategies, traditional methods are often pushed aside to make way for more digital approaches. While digital marketing can be an extremely effective method to get your messages out to a large audience, you should not completely ignore traditional methods. Check out the benefits of utilizing direct mail marketing with Profit Builder HD.

Re-engage a Forgotten Market

The fact that digital marketing has been taking over is a blessing in disguise. Most of your competitors are focusing on the digital market, leaving behind the untapped market that has shown to be successful. By engaging in direct mail marketing, you will be able to stand out from other companies in your industry.

Avoid Inbox Overload

Most business communication is done through email making one’s inbox an important filter of information. Often times, email marketing messages can get lost in the everyday communications, getting pushed down the rabbit hole to never be seen or opened. Another problem your business can face with email marketing is the spam filter. If your emails are not properly formatted, they may be directed to the spam filter with very little chance of your target audience opening the message.

Add That Personal Touch

Unlike emails, there are many different ways you can send a message through the mail. With mail you have the options of sending postcards, utilizing different color envelopes for seasonal promotions, and personalization features such as handwritten fonts and real stamps. Many people will check their mail every day, increasing the chances of your messages being seen and opened by your ideal customers.

Don’t get caught in the trends and forget about the many other aspects of marketing. Take your campaigns to the next level with Profit Builder HD.

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Maximizing Your Direct Mail Marketing

Maximizing Your Direct Mail Marketing - Profit Builder HD

When performed properly and served to the right target audience, direct mail marketing can be one of the most profitable and effective ways to get your company’s message out to your clients. Your customers will be given a physical update about your brand or company, information on an upcoming event or promotion or a coupon that they can use on a product or service. Whatever the contents of your direct mail marketing campaign, the goal is to bring your customers into your establishment or to bring attention to your business.

Simply mailing out hundreds or thousands of promotions or information to people is not enough to make your direct mail marketing campaigns effective. There are certain steps you will need to take to ensure you will receive the best return on your investment.

Optimizing Your Direct Mail Marketing

Before any messages are sent out, you will first need to determine who your target audience is. Not everyone will be interested in what you have to sell to them. If you do not narrow down your target audience, you will be wasting time and money on less than ideal customers. The first thing you will want to do is determine basic demographics about your customers, such as gender, age and location. By the use of these analytics, you will be able to dissect your target audience even further to understand the characteristics of your existing customers and those you would like to bring in.

Once you have determined your target audience, you will need to formulate a message around their trends and spending habits. Through data-driven solutions, you will be able to get a detailed trend of what your customers are looking for and you’ll be able to find out their needs and wants. You can then formulate information on questions they may be having with your services or offer promotions and coupons to popular products.

Profit Builder HD Can Help Improve Your Odds of Success

The more care and time you take in to analyze and select your target audience, the higher chances of success and conversion rates you will have.

Profit Builder HD provides data-driven solutions and analytics to better your company, casino or hotel. Utilizing industry understanding and marketing proficiency, Profit Builder HD works with gaming and hospitality industries to save them time, money and frustration. Visit our website or give us a call at (303) 835-8354 to start your journey to a successful business today.

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The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

When it comes to any type of marketing for your casino or resort, the best traction and responses you will receive come from direct marketing. Being able to reach directly a person will carry a greater strength than having a campaign on the internet that they would have to stumbleupon. Through the use of direct mail marketing, you can tailor specific messages to attract new customers as well as engage with loyal, frequent customers. There are many benefits to utilizing direct mail marketing.

Why Choose Direct Mail Marketing

High Target Rate

Through the use of data analysis and knowing your customer base, you are able to target a specific type of customer with direct mail marketing. Tailor any messages to be presented to a specific audience, ensuring the chance for high reposes.


Along with generating a higher target rate, you will be able to personalize the messages and mail to the targeted people chosen. By knowing exactly who these messages will be going to, you will be able to use their first names and other personal information they have provided to you. People are more likely to respond to mail that is personalized to them and their needs than a generic message.

Trusting Format

The postal service has been around for many years and people are used to receiving promotions in the mail. Email is still unfamiliar to many people and may be wary to receive promotions through this medium. Because direct mail marketing is more trusted by people, you casino/resort promotions are more likely to be read and accepted than e-mails.


Through direct mail marketing, you are able to utilize different formats. You are not confined through one method and are given the opportunity to be creative with your messages. Instead of just a letter, you can branch out with postcards, magazines, brochures and catalogs. By using different formats, you will also be able to track which method is more prefered by your customers.

Easy Tracking

Determining success and failures of campaigns are easily tracked through direct mail marketing. Because there are a finite of messages that are sent out, you will be able to gain a relatively quick analysis of the campaigns effectiveness through the number of responses you receive. There are no highly technical softwares needed to track the data of your direct mail marketing tactics.

Profit Builder HD has the ability to provide your company with the tools to produce the most effective direct marketing campaigns. Through our algorithms, we are able to identify players and appropriately evaluate what campaigns and what levels they should be included in. For more information on our services, visit our website today.

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Why Casino Direct Mail Marketing is Here to Stay

casino direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing is a critically important aspect of your overall marketing campaign, especially for the gaming industry. In fact, if your direct mail strategy is handled properly from the start of the database management phase to the creative phase, it can give a real boost to your revenue and overall player engagement. However, as social media and digital marketing techniques begin to take the forefront, many are wondering if this signals the end of direct mail as a viable marketing technique.

It’s well-known among those in the casino and hospitality business that the “sweet spot,” or the 55 and up demographic, often prefers direct mail over other means of receiving casino information, promotions and players clubs offers. Although email and mobile marketing strategies are quickly becoming more popular with the younger crowd, direct mail is still the optimal way to reach this key demographic.

But, there’s more good news for direct mail marketers. A recent study found that the highest response rates to direct mail campaigns came from the 18-24 demographic. This is surprising considering how this demographic is so used to using digital means to communicate and receive information. This is certainly something to keep in mind when strategizing new methods to attract younger players.

Direct mail will continue to be an important part of your marketing campaign for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use some updating. In the world of digital technology, marketers are now able to create highly personalized, targeted direct mail campaigns that utilize relevant imagery, promotions and offers. Apply this digital marketing methodology to direct mail and it will allow you to drive a better response from your players in addition to building brand loyalty.

Want to learn more about how direct mail marketing can help increase your casino’s revenue and player engagement? Contact Profit Builder HD today and get started!

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How Direct Mail Marketing Can Help Your Business

Does your casino or hospitality business struggle to attract new customers and keep repeat business? Many businesses in your industry face this common problem. However, a solution can be found in direct mail marketing techniques. Most business owners, casino directors and hotel managers have heard of direct mail marketing, but you may not really know how it works or how it can benefit your business. In this article, we’ll take a look at what direct mail marketing means, the advantages and how it can help you increase profits.

Direct mail marketing can be defined as a marketing technique that involves sending advertising or promotional material to a targeted audience. Direct mail marketing not only makes reaching out to targeted customers easier but also enables your business to reach customers that might not have been reached otherwise.

The advantages of direct mail marketing are its versatility, effectiveness and most of all, affordability. A good direct mail marketing campaign is often a much cheaper alternative to traditional advertising methods. This means direct mail marketing often provides you the opportunity to exceed your ROI (return on investment) and turn a profit from your marketing efforts. The versatility of direct mail marketing exists in its ability to scale to your needs and reach only the people that are most likely to play at your casino or visit your hotel.

Direct mail marketing has also become one of the most effective marketing methods you can employ. This is a huge advantage because it gives you an unbeatable lead. In fact, if you’re in a marketplace where there isn’t much competition, it gives you an almost unfair advantage over other marketers. If that’s the case, you’ll have a chance to run right past your competitors and become the dominant business in your field. It’s also a stealthy way to promote your offers to your market place because your competitors may have no idea what you’re doing.

In summary, direct mail marketing is a great tool for businesses, such as casinos or others in the hospitality industry to reach out to customers on a one-to-one basis. It can help you increase traffic to your business and boost your sales, all while being a cost effective alternative to other marketing techniques. Ready to get started with your direct mail marketing campaign? Contact Profit Builder HD today.

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