The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

When it comes to any type of marketing for your casino or resort, the best traction and responses you will receive come from direct marketing. Being able to reach directly a person will carry a greater strength than having a campaign on the internet that they would have to stumbleupon. Through the use of direct mail marketing, you can tailor specific messages to attract new customers as well as engage with loyal, frequent customers. There are many benefits to utilizing direct mail marketing.

Why Choose Direct Mail Marketing

High Target Rate

Through the use of data analysis and knowing your customer base, you are able to target a specific type of customer with direct mail marketing. Tailor any messages to be presented to a specific audience, ensuring the chance for high reposes.


Along with generating a higher target rate, you will be able to personalize the messages and mail to the targeted people chosen. By knowing exactly who these messages will be going to, you will be able to use their first names and other personal information they have provided to you. People are more likely to respond to mail that is personalized to them and their needs than a generic message.

Trusting Format

The postal service has been around for many years and people are used to receiving promotions in the mail. Email is still unfamiliar to many people and may be wary to receive promotions through this medium. Because direct mail marketing is more trusted by people, you casino/resort promotions are more likely to be read and accepted than e-mails.


Through direct mail marketing, you are able to utilize different formats. You are not confined through one method and are given the opportunity to be creative with your messages. Instead of just a letter, you can branch out with postcards, magazines, brochures and catalogs. By using different formats, you will also be able to track which method is more prefered by your customers.

Easy Tracking

Determining success and failures of campaigns are easily tracked through direct mail marketing. Because there are a finite of messages that are sent out, you will be able to gain a relatively quick analysis of the campaigns effectiveness through the number of responses you receive. There are no highly technical softwares needed to track the data of your direct mail marketing tactics.

Profit Builder HD has the ability to provide your company with the tools to produce the most effective direct marketing campaigns. Through our algorithms, we are able to identify players and appropriately evaluate what campaigns and what levels they should be included in. For more information on our services, visit our website today.

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