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Every part of marketing starts with a goal or objective. From there, a marketing plan can be developed that encompasses the who, what, when, where, why and how your company is going to accomplish those goals. Without a clear definition of where you are going, there will be hours of wasted time and effort in monthly marketing meetings.

The Profit Builder team has the expertise and experience to help our clients create a marketing plan that will provide guidance for every aspect of the marketing department’s activities. Our experience with consulting for numerous clients and running operations allows us to provide a unique perspective, and the ability to harness data when planning for the future. Let our team help you overcome the daunting task of writing the plan so you can do what you do best, OPERATE!


The goal of all marketing research is to gain insights into existing and potential customers and determine who is the most profitable and how to speak directly to them at the right time and in the right place. Furthermore, it gives the marketing and operational teams a direct understanding of market trends, advertising preferences, customer service levels, and competitive pressures.

At Profit Builder, we use a quantitative market research system that distills massive amounts of data and analytics into easy to understand actionable results. We can help you develop customized studies that get inside the mind of your customer and determine what drives them to your property. Our team is ready to help you gain customer insight that dominates the competition.

Marketing HD Programs:

Advertising HD – The fundamentals or “blocking and tackling” of advertising campaigns have been lost to a great extent in today’s muddy waters of social this and social that.  Marketing executives are, in an attempt to maintain pace with evolving technology, losing sight of the basics.

Media HD –  Our team will handle all of your broadcast media for you. From TV, Radio and Print, branding your media to the correct market takes precision and accuracy.

Digital HD – The casino environment as it exists today relies heavily on integrated technical systems to collect and present data in a meaningful way. Some of our digital technologies include:

Email – If you are like most casino and hospitality marketers, you are continually looking for proven ways to generate a return on investment for your email marketing efforts

SMS – The art of “Going Mobile” is not a one and done process where the casino or resort gathers a phone number and sends a couple of SMS text messages.

Mobile – Staying connect to your clients in a tasteful way takes knowledge and understanding. Knowing when and how often to touch base with your customers to keep them interested is key.

Social – The management of social media requires you to keep your image safe and secure while providing relevant and valuable offers to your customers at the right time and through the right outlet.

Promotions HD – through extensive behavioral research and over twenty years of planning, creating and executing profitable floor promotions, has developed a comprehensive promotional platform for your casino resort and/or food and beverage outlets.

Guest Services – Customer service is easily the most import aspect to a great customer experience while on any property large or small. Great programs can differentiate your location, giving you a competitive advantage that none of your competitors can match.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. One of the quickest ways to get yourself out there is to improve your web presence. Work with a team of trained professionals to get your site optimized and viewer friendly.