Advertising - Profit Builder HDThe fundamentals or “blocking and tackling” of advertising campaigns have been lost to a great extent in today’s muddy waters of social this and social that.  Marketing executives are, in an attempt to maintain pace with evolving technology, losing sight of the basics.

More reinvestment, acquisition and retention dollars are being deployed via “shotgun” approach, from an advertising perspective, than necessary in today’s destination casino resorts.  Laser focused advertising dollars are being stretched due to reduced advertising budgets, in order to weather the storm of the Great Recession, while less effective advertising campaigns continue because “this is the way we’ve always done things” in large part because many properties do not know how to go about managing Advertising yield.  Sure, pro forma and post forma analysis is the starting point of that analysis but only at a very rudimentary level.

Profit Builders HD will combine Promotional Allowances (P&A) expenses, marketing expenses and advertising and media expenses to better understand your asset’s overall Advertising cost and the benefits of those costs in hard dollars.

  • Overlay analysis of advertising campaigns with all marketing expenses
  • Cost benefit analysis for specific advertising campaign(s)
  • Advertising Campaign Management
  • Advertising Campaign Budget