Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing - Profit Builder HDEveryone knows direct mail and database marketing are the life blood of a casino and hospitality industries. It is the most tried and true weapon in the marketing arsenal to communicate with your patrons. Whether it is a postcard or a trifold, this is the most direct way to communicate with the guest. However, there is a unique combination of art and science to a successful direct mail campaign. How do you maximize efficiency and profit from direct mail? How do you assure your competitive superiority in the ground game? Direct mail is designed to increase brand recognition as well as increase the recency and frequency of your guest visitation.

Profit Builder HD cut their teeth in the casino industry on direct mail. We have learned firsthand the dos and don’ts in multiple markets to design the most efficient mailers at the lowest cost while finding the appropriate reinvestment levels to increase trip frequency.

Most successful direct mail campaigns involve a combination of new members, active and inactive campaigns. Using our algorithms, we stratify your campaigns to reward the correct players at the appropriate level at just the right time. We utilize our casino best practices with our competitor know how to evaluate players accurately and quickly. This allows our clients to touch their players faster than their competitors and recognize players that are slipping in play or reducing visitation.

Profit Builder HD – Direct Mail Key Features

  • Complex algorithms to identify players and appropriately evaluate what campaigns and what levels they should be included in.
  • Utilizing proper reinvestment levels to increase wallet share and profit.
  • Using business connections with print houses to reduce cost per piece and maximize postage discounts.
  • Variable data and graphics to execute mail offers.
  • Handling the entire mail process from start to finish, streamlining efficiency and reducing the worry of late or incorrect mailers.
  • A-B testing to try and track all attempts to make a great mail campaign even better.