If you are like most casino and hospitality marketers, you are continually looking for proven ways to generate a return on investment for your email marketing efforts. You know that email is the cornerstone of all digital marketing communications, yet in the casino and hospitality business it is met with little to no response from your customer base. Until now, marketers have been stuck with static and non-segmented email programs or email packages that cost thousands of dollars per year with no return in sight.

Profit Builder HD is proud to introduce our new email platform Email HD. Our platform will revolutionize the way your casino and resort talks to every customer segment. Our proprietary email system takes one-to-one marketing to the next level by linking your customer database with real-time behavior triggers to drive open rates and return trips to your property. Our capacity to aggregate data and analyze trends in near real time allows for the ultimate customer targeting and personalization.

Email HD Key Features:

  • Variable Data and Dynamic Content – Deliver highly personalized and segmented emails to each individual customer.
  • A/B Testing – Optimization of Subject Lines, Offers and Customer Segments with automated tests and intuitive data analytics.
  • Email Tracking – Comprehensive and complete campaign results for each campaign including delivery rates, open rates and offer redemption activities.

Email HD utilizes cutting edge technology and a data-driven mindset to deliver highly-targeted, mission critical emails that drive top line revenue. Our platform and mission are to make it easy for you as a marketer to deliver dynamic content and personalized messages at just the right moment with the right offer.