Profit Builder HD has developed Food and Beverage HD in order to approach your operation’s food and beverage department(s). Our profit building F&B HD program provides experienced operators a dual focus on both revenue generation and expense reduction, both equally important to your organizations’ bottom-line.

The expense facing side of Food and Beverage HD works both independently of your point of sale (POS) system or directly with it depending on the particular budget and your individual property’s system capabilities.

The revenue facing side provides the most important yet basic information in order for your Food and Beverage senior management team, Chef or restaurant supervisor to easily sort through the abundance of information and develop profitable menus and deploy them during optimal time periods in order to maximize your outlet’s yield. Should your food and beverage leaders decide to drill into the data at any level, they also have that ability, as the tools available are broad in scope or granular depending upon your teams’ skill set, aptitude and abilities. This program in not an expensive solution, conversely, this program is a real world solution that can be put to use almost immediately.

Profit Builder HD’s team incorporates over 50 years of profitable F&B management in real F&B outlets operating both as standalone operations and as ancillary F&B amenities to a gaming operation. Our team understands the pro’s and con’s of operating your own gaming supportive F&B outlet(s) and also has years of experience in analyzing four-wall lease agreements, franchise agreements and driving your organization’s due diligence in selecting the right franchise.

Brand standard management, co-branding, training and measurement of the ongoing franchise supportive role are all critical components to proper brand alignment with an outside organization, should you choose to sublet the operation to a third party. Construction oversight and timing can erode away incremental gains projected and Profit Builder HD’s team is experienced in maintaining pre-construction projections, General Contractor (GC) oversight and technical service support to open on time, within budget and with a team that is prepared and properly trained and certified to your franchise service standards and internal service standards.


Complete a cost of goods sold (COGS) analysis by menu item, meal period, food outlet in both peak business and off-peak business time periods.
  • Profit by menu item & meal period
  • Menu development
  • Comp margin analysis
  • Waste analysis vs. acceptable industry standards
Identify attainable target margin(s) (as compared to gross gaming revenues/gross food and beverage revenues) in order to focus your staff towards real-time, forward-looking goals and objectives.
  • Labor (FTE) analysis by outlet/meal period
  • Average check enhancement
  • Pre-shift workshops development