Guest Services Standards

Guest Services Standards - Profit Builder HDStandardized Guest Services are a claimed cornerstone business culture at many hotels, casinos and resorts. Yet, Profit Builders HD, through Secret Shopping its clients has identified that the actual standards, though believed to be instituted and followed at the executive level, do not convey to the guests of the property.

The missing component to many programs is that they are not properly: Pushed to the Floor

Profit Builder HD has designed the highly effective yet affordable Guest Service Standards HD program and has over three dozen real world test cases where properties previously scored consistently in the mid to low 60’s and after implementing the program maintain levels at or above 90 on their secret shopping dashboards.

The program is simple. Profit Builders HD’s team meets with executive staff to identify the service culture that they intend to deliver and assist in the internal branding of the service program. Profit Builders HD then develops the brand and program with middle level management. Training sessions with supervisory and front line employee staff are conducted with key middle level managers and known executives attending sessions.

Standards are written by the front line staff, agreed upon at middle level management, committed to by senior executives and recorded for each department. The property service standard manual is then published and a certification period commences whereby managers certify and train front line staff, supervisors and even themselves to their department’s job specific service standards. All staff sign their certifications and then they are filed with HR in employee’s personnel file.

A VIP event is held with top-level guests and all staff members commit publicly to fulfill their newfound culture and to do so consistently. Profit Builders HD arranges the secret shopping company and fulfills the most important component routinely. Are the managers “pushing to the floor” the ongoing commitment and does the property maintain its Guest Service Scores?

From a cost benefit perspective, casino hotel operators allocate large amounts of their budgets through both capital expenses and ongoing operating expenses in order to drive guest trial, satisfaction and retention by focusing on tangible physical improvements to their bricks and mortar. Guest Service Standards HD is a comprehensive SYSTEM that changes an entire culture by investing in critical human resources that pass the torch by addressing new hire involvement and certification, revolving door employees and long tenured employees that may have the attitude that “they’ve been doing it this way for years” which Profit Builders HD quickly shows pre and post scoring levels to change their perspective. Gratuities improve, revenues improve, employee costs reduce and EBITDA grows residually.

  • Comprehensive Guest Service Training Program
  • Measurable Service Standards and Ongoing Shopping Scores
  • Specifically Customized according to your company’s culture
  • Residual Program Welcoming New Team Members
  • Shopping Results flexibility and ongoing training statistics
  • Analytical Reporting on Service Culture