Hotel Resort Marketing

Hotel HD is a proprietary analytical program, which delves deeper into a hotel and/or resort’s profit potential from both its existing active database and inactive database. Typically, in the gaming and hospitality industries, an individual with a recorded trip or visit within a 90-day period remains flagged as an active player. CMO’s, Marketing VP’s and marketing directors in our industry know this and they work to migrate inactive players or dormant players to this list as a secondary or tertiary initiative within their overall master marketing plan. Often times, high-perceived value offers are prominently placed on marketing collateral to incentivize a trip or visit from these inactive or dormant players. Hotel offers are a staple offer used during off peak time periods, such as midweek or when a large room block is released with little or no notice for a weekend. Casino rates, complimentary rooms and even complimentary room, food and beverage offers provide the high-value perception of a free hotel room, in this example, to a player that may not necessarily qualify for such an offer on a weekend day. Thus, both the marketing department and the guest have benefited. But, this one-off approach does not realize long-term profitability or residual player satisfaction.

Our analysis of your property using our Hotel HD program will analyze data points such as, average daily rate (ADR), revenue per available room (REVPAR), occupancy percentages, complimentary or (comp rates) against the guests list to identify the likelihood of those players that display a propensity to redeem those offers on certain days of the week in order to mathematically maximize your hotel’s yield to your gaming floor.

Hotel room inventory is a cyclical inventory in that a vacant room can never generate either hotel revenue or gaming revenue once that particular room on that particular day has passed. The revenue potential is gone forever with each ticking day that realizes unoccupied hotel room inventory.
Profit Builder HD can assist in room cleaning standards development as well as assist in the development of housekeeping PARs to limit full-time equivalency (FTE) costs in your hotel department and maximize inventory consumption with the highest value players during peak business volume and off peak business volume time periods.

Best of all, Hotel HD is a simple “plug in” for operators that desire to see their results in real time and wish to communicate to their department heads so as to “push to the floor” their focus on revenue generation.

–> Reporting and Overlay onto Marketing Expenses

    • ADR
    • REVPAR
    • Occupancy
    • Comp
    • Hotel Room Yield Management
    • Contract negotiation and alliance programs with .coms for off peak period hotel room inventory