Profit Builder HD’s team incorporates all costs associated with advertising and marketing a hotel, casino and/or resort property, including media production, media buying and optimal media placement, into an easy to understand and yet highly effective media plan for property marketers.  Campaign alliance, brand management and direct call media production budgets are critical when taking a tactical or strategic initiative to market.

Media HD incorporates all associated costs with in a media campaign and provides a scalable production and placement budgets for various initiatives that will overlay to related costs so that an accurate reinvestment rate can be identified for each player, player segment and for the property as a whole.

Profit Builders HD then works with nationally recognized production companies as an Art Director Consultant to insure that the integrity of your brand is properly communicated with in your brand’s standards.

Profit Builders HD can even assist your property’s marketing department in creating the Brand Standards Manual for future use, the evolution of your brand and brand alliances with other brands to.

  • Overlay analysis of media campaigns with all marketing expenses
  • Cost benefit analysis of media buys
  • Assist in affordable and effective Broadcast Media Production
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print