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Welcome to Profit Builder where we are building results for the Gaming and Hospitality Industry.

Our Partners have proven results in small, medium and large casino resort properties in both regional and destination gaming markets, not just in the Las Vegas hospitality marketing industry. We specialize in Casino Operations Management.

Our Profit Builder team is comprised of real world casino and hospitality operators that understand your operational challenges!

Our objective review staff looks at your operations through an unbiased lens and provides actionable recommendations. Our goal is to look at your data and casino demographics, review your market situation, and build a program that helps create growth and sustainable competitive advantages. We have proven success and will get you the results you are striving for.

It’s time to start measuring what matters most, your customers! Our team of database and marketing experts will mine your data and tell you the who, what, when, where, why and how of casino marketing. Stop making costly gut decisions and start building your bottom line with casino and database marketing.

The casino and hospitality environment as it exists today relies heavily on integrated technical systems to collect and present data in a meaningful way. At Profit Builder, our staff has years of hospitality operations management experience, allowing us to understand the technical casino environment and leverage systems for their greatest return on investment. Let us first help you understand your business needs, then integrate your gaming technology to match those requirements.

Bryan Brammer is a founder of Profit Builder, one of the largest and most respected full-service gaming consulting firms in the US. Under his leadership, Profit Builder has grown from a small boutique firm to an international operation with clients around the globe. As managing partner, Mr. Brammer oversees all day-to-day operations as well as the management of all client relations for the firm. READ MORE

Kyle Pottorff is a founder, and resident Data Scientist at Profit Builder. With over 6 years of experience in data analytics and casino database marketing, Mr. Pottorff helps Profit Builder clients move from a marketing shotgun approach to precise customer investment. His reinvestment algorithms and trigger based marketing programs are revolutionary in the industry and have driven increased customer loyalty and retention in every market tested. READ MORE. 


True Professionals!! What a please to work with this action driven team. Our results far exceeded our expectations. I cannot thank your team enough!

~ Jessica W.

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