Promotions HD

Through extensive behavioral research and over twenty years of planning, creating and executing profitable casino floor promotions, Profit Builder HD has developed a comprehensive promotional platform for your hospitality and casino operations and/or food and beverage outlets. With our trusted casino operations management platform, Promotions HD will realize true earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) growth by driving incremental top-line revenues to your casino or gaming property without losing flow-through to your bottom-line and without over investing in your players.

Our signature Promotions HD program will, through data analysis, behavioral patterns, and casino demographics from your existing known player base, incentivize increased frequency and longer trips from all segments within your known player base. You may not even realize that you possess the data currently, but we will. Our program will drive increased sign-ups to your casino’s player’s club and grow your known play percentage as it entices guests to sign-up for the club as the club’s value is greatly enhanced. This method also applies to contests or promotions at gaming conferences as well.

Floor promotions are not simply another expense or investment into your known players without incremental return. The science behind Promotions HD is both proven and real. Random chance and random rewards coupled with a graduated scale whereby guests are intrigued to return during a financial period again and again in order to exponentially leverage their chances to win the monthly “grand prize” are key factors in properly planning a hospitality or casino marketing floor promotion. All of this happens without costly traditional gaming floor promotion models that are simply another investment into your existing guests with no real EBITDA growth.

Promotions HD succeeds where other casino operations management models fail by building a Promotions HD “day,”” then encouraging players to frequent more often by building a “week” and building a “month” all within the same promotion, a perceived variant in perceived high value prizes.

Let Profit Builder HD meet with you and your team to learn the profitable Promotions HD model.

Build a DAY, Build a WEEK, Build a MONTH, Build a YEAR Profit Builder HD’s:

  • Analysis
  • Behavior-driven
  • Trigger based

Promotions HD is tailored to your property and where it currently ranks among your competitive set.

Analytical Overlay of Promotions and their cost as they relate to your existing marketing program(s):

  • Pro Forma & Post Forma
  • Revenue by hour analysis available to lengthen high revenue potential time periods

Creation, oversight and implementation of Promotions HD rolling 90-day calendar, 6-month calendar and rolling annual calendars.