The art of “Going Mobile” is not a one and done process where the casino or resort gathers a phone number and sends a couple of SMS text messages. Every single mobile interaction is a chance to engage with your most loyal and connected customers. It is a chance for you as a marketer to send a targeted offer at a precise time to encourage a very specific behavior.

Profit Builder HD is pleased to present SMS HD, a powerful mobile marketing tool based on cutting edge technology and data driven strategies. Our SMS HD program will revolutionize the way your casino or resort talks to those customers that are most closely connected to your brand. Our SMS system allows you as a marketer to manage every step of the customer lifecycle all while getting feedback and tracking redemption. Our ability to analyze data and send targeted SMS messages at any point during a customer visit or throughout the customer lifecycle means greater guest interactivity, which in turn drives top line revenue.

SMS HD Key Features:

  • Dynamic Content – Variable Data SMS messages allow you to deliver personalized and segmented messages to each individual customer.
  • Customer Data Acquisition Program – Allow customers to opt-in for SMS messages and collect ongoing data sent directly to your customer database.
  • List Segmentation – Slice, dice, and julienne your player database and only send offers to those individuals that fit your strategy.

SMS HD from Profit Builder allows you to easily manage those customers that are closest to your brand. Our platform uses the latest technology and sophisticated data management tools to deliver dynamic SMS content to your customers. We start and end with the customer and their wishes providing content that is of real value at just the right moment, helping you build your bottom line.